Tiffany 2014 confidence Nathalie atkinson

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Code for confidence Cuffs:Code for Tiffany 2014 confidence Nathalie atkinson, weekend post the website What?Bracelet cuffs, the chunky arm candy of coco chanel and diana vreeland, who both wore a verdura cuff on each wrist.Where?The flick of the wrist is bejewelled at chloe, supersized and three-Dimensional at lanvin(Where they're worn in pairs)And elaborately enamelled in the costume jewellery departments of j.Crew and banana republic($45-$150).Tom binns does diamante while brooklyn designer alexis bittar gives the look deco style with hinged vanderbilt cuff($545)That combines lucite and stones. Why?They transform a dress into an outfit.Elevate restrained tailored pieces into ensemble.In a word?Power.In a season of statement jewellery, cuffs are code for confidence.While they can't deflect bullets, a pair of wide cuffs evokes wonder woman's magical wristbands--And what woman doesn't wish she had superpowers? Should you invest?No.Simply dust off what you already have, since cuffs have been around for several seasons and rarely go out of style(See elsa peretti's classic bone cuff for tiffany co).Bigger is better, so if you do buy, go faux.

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