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Adobe respond vs openlaszlo I am currently taking care of a ria project in flex, but have recently locate openlaszlo.It seems a lot of large developments have chosen it over flex, much like the streaming music service pandora.I'm serious about why.So far the best advantage i have seen is that it has an abstraction layer for support of flash 6, 7, 8, 9 and dhtml and has been in development a bit longer(So in all probability more stable). Anybody had much experience using both, or perhaps openlaszlo even?Is the support for dhtml and older flash versions really that big of an advantage with the excitement of flash 9 these days?Might this just be because of many developers are already at ease javascript/ajax?Besides language needs and wants, why openlaszlo certainly not flex? Appreciate any tips!When the likes of pandora chose openlaszlo, flex was still a poster product(Including the compiler).The flex forms 1.0 since 1.5 cant be found very stable, And simply with the 2.0 release of Flex the woking platform got a lot more stable.Macromedia upset a lot of web administrators, because flex 2.0 was no best with 1.5, And all installations had to be rewritten for the new release.In that situation quite a few companies considered that openlaszlo is not a bad choice. The strongest feature of openlaszlo is the lzx language.Many of the key developer of the lzx langauge had been working on apple's dylan language before, and the vast majority of powerful concepts of dylan have made it into the lzx language. I've done both openlaszlo and flex community.Flex has quality tooling support by various ide vendors.But the actionscript 3 language are often limiting, as in java you spend a lot of time concerned about your class model.Openlaszlo emphasizes instance based occurrence(Rapidly for prototyping, while it's still possible to build very complex features with 100k+ lines of lzx code).I've heard that other individuals have created equally large applications using openlaszlo. Since variation 4.2 OpenLaszlo combines the Flex SDK.The openlaszlo compiler produced the lzx code into javascript 2, after which it into actionscript 3 code.If you compile software to both dhtml and swf10+, you can cash in on the better type checking of the flex compiler, even if the application will only be deployed for the dhtml/html5 runtime. Openlaszlo is amazingly stable.High quality major release(4.0)Has been around march 2007, the particular openlaszlo team considered the4.2 release to be soon add up to a major version upgrade, Since it added the ActionScript 3 and SWF9 support to the working platform.4. 2 premiered in December 2008, Today's stable release is the4.9 version although a lot of community members and Laszlo are already using OpenLaszlo 5.0 (Trunk area, unreleased)In generation. After adobe's headline to contribute the flex sdk to the apache foundation(Now an apache support incubator project), Adobe announced that they had been working on a cross compilation feature for generation x Flex compiler called"Falconjs, adobe said very, which experts claim falconjs(Which may very well be contributed to apache flex in q4 2012)Will struggle to cross compile existing flex applications into javascript.A simple list style of falconjs(As demoed keep away from 2011)Resulted in into 5 mb of uncompressed javascript code, wich could be essentially to 2.5 MB using Google Closure compiler's advanced mode.A similar openlaszlo example in the dhtml runtime compiles to something like 750k of javascript code. I think your term of 'a lot of large projects' is very sister.Of course, some large companies buy it, but i don't consider any of them large constructions.If you look at these folks in the openlaszlo showcase, they seem uncomplicated interfaces to me.Also keep in mind that openlazslo compiles flash, not flex and included framework. In my experience, openlaszlo is option for creating simple rias in a way that the end code can be compiled into flash or javascript.Haxe is another approach to this, and i think it does a more satisfactory job than openlaszlo. Suppliers, there's an issue with these"General"Type once, compile to flash/javascript system;Isn't going to harness any of the power/advantages of each specific platform.Flash is constantly changing and so is javascript by having html5 tags and css3.If you ever have experience of both, you'll notice that they're very different in the way they do things and on algorithm might fully trust flash, won't with javascript. My time being, if you are to choose a methods, go for the one that's appropriate.If assembling your garden shed has a need to have both javascript and flash, then this might be a great choice, Pandora Beads UK but within mind that you'll then be losing the 'power' of each.Eg, flex has a very good skinning architecture and a set of tools that is very important to enterprise development.Javascript can perform a number of pretty neat stuff with selectors, css3, and another sort of frameworks like jquery. If you ask me, post compilers like openlaszlo cleans away those strengths.And don't forget, if may new thing that comes outs(For example say, hardware sped up video/3d for javascript/flash), You have to wait for the people at OpenLazslo to update before quite a few(If they often use it). I started starting rias with openlaszlo as it offered a cross browser run anywhere kind of framework.The buyer delivered with it was also very good. I gone to live in flex(This was in beta)Given that: Every capacity for openlaszlo was available in flex. Flex had an extra advantage as it was a supported commercial product from a leading digital media article marketing company macromedia later acquired by adobe. (So spending one time license fee on it may not be an issue) Above all flex had better server side plug-In / remoting capability. Flex had plenty of tutorials sample codes so ramping up a new developer was easy. Now flex is also community driven free project under apache software foundation Openlaszlo now has an extra feature over flex(Until falconjs cross Pandora Jewellery UK compiler is delivered)It can easily run both flash ajax runtime environment with a single code base. But still flex has an added good thing about having very good development environment(With plug-In to other adobe designer tools)And good server side integration capability so for enterprise guidelines, flex is an apparent winner.

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