Tiffany Sets Jewelry twice a month while she vowed

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Adam cooney marries childhood sweetheart The 2008 brownlow medallist famously proposed to childhood sweetheart haylea with a burger ring last year, but when presented with one during yesterday's ceremony, he quickly scoffed it down instead. Thankfully, the real ring had not been lost, and the couple tied the knot without a hitch. Dressed in a white shirt, black vest and white trilby and flanked by seven groomsmen-Looking a tad like a row of umpires-Including best-Man brian lake, the this you may like western bulldogs star looked every bit the proud groom. Haylea was stunning in an off-White baccini hill dress, with a diamond-Encrusted satin sash, while her eight bridesmaids wore homepage strapless ivory dresses. But it was the couple's one-Year-Old son jaxon who ultimately stole the limelight, walking in front of his dad and handing him a white petal from the ground during his vows.He was earlier joined by his eight-Year-Old sister, ashlea, as the family walked down the aisle. About 150 guests were there to celebrate the occasion, including cooney's western bulldogs teammates nathan eagleton, ryan hargrave, brian lake, jason akermanis, brad johnson and shaun higgins.And just like the groom's outfit, the couple's vows were anything but traditional. Adam vowed he would let his new wife sleep in Tiffany Sets Jewelry twice a month, while she vowed never to make him do the dishes, prompting a celebratory air punch from the groom. Although it was held at glenelg, the couple opted to have the ceremony on the lawn next to the oaks plaza hotel rather than the beach.The cooneys' wedding will not be the last of the post-Season unions.




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